If you’re building a complete adult site using the PV API, you might want some real adult content to fill it. The images you get with episode requests can be explicit, but you can also get full videos.

To get full videos, you must first link a Pluginfeeds account to your PV API account. Once you have a Pluginfeeds account linked up, you can use the paid content request to get URLs to full videos.

How to link your Pluginfeeds account:

  1. Find your customer id and access code here:
  2. You will also need to add your API-based domain to the “allowed referrers” list on that page.
  3. Log into PV API.
  4. Go to your settings page.
  5. Enter your Pluginfeeds customer id and access code.

Note: Any bandwidth used by people viewing videos from the paid content URLs will be charged to your Pluginfeeds account.

Check out for more information on adult video feeds.

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