There are a lot of reasons to use the PV API, and one of them is to make money. The way to do this is with the Topbucks affiliate program.

Once you have both a PV API account and a Topbucks account, follow these instructions to link the two:

  1. Log into PV API.
  2. Go to your settings page.
  3. Enter your Topbucks webmaster id in the “revid” field and click “submit”.

Now, whenever you receive episode data from the PV API, the “joinlinks” data for that episode will contain your webmaster id. Anybody who signs up for a Pink Visual website from one of these links will count as an affiliate sale for you.

Check out for more information on the affiliate program.

Note: Your webmaster id will only be attached to links generated for an “Approved” api key. If you’re still using a “Development” level key, your revid will not appear.

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