Each Episode has various videos, in two access levels:

Trailers are short videos that show off parts of the episode. These videos are provided for most episodes.

Paid content videos are full scenes (and sub-clips that have been cut from them, for slower connections) for each episode. These come from a separate API request and are only available to API users who have linked a Pluginfeeds account to their API key.


All videos are in the MPEG format.


Trailers come in an array under the “trailers” key for every Episode. This array will have the various quality sub-arrays inside it.

Videos come only in the paid content request, in the “videos” key.


The “trailers” and “videos” keys are sub-divided by quality. All videos come in four different qualities:

  • min - “Minimum” quality. These videos have a low framerate and resolution, but are good for very slow connections like some mobile networks.
  • low - Low quality. This quality is a good choice for most mobile phones, as it will play quickly on many networks, and its resolution is enough for those phones.
  • med - Medium quality. This is a good quality to show to PCs with slow to moderate connections. This quality is higher than necessary for most phones, which don’t show a big difference between low and med.
  • high - High quality. This quality will be slow to load on some PC internet connections, but looks good on most PC screens.

Note: Not all qualities are available for all episodes. If an episode doesn’t have a certain quality of trailer or video, the array will still have that quality key, but the value will be null.


Even though there is always just 1 trailer video in each quality level for an episode, the quality arrays contain a “clip” entry with the URL to the trailer. This is to accommodate the XML DTD. However, it is true even for JSON requests.

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