A content source, or source, is a grouping of episodes with a common theme. These relate to Pink Visual products.

See also: List of Content Source Requests



Content sources always come as an array inside the ‘sources’ key.

Some elements, like episodes, will come with a ‘sources’ key that contains one content source. The key name, ‘sources’, is still plural for consistency. Since each episode has only 1 source, its ‘sources’ key will contain 1 entry that is a content source.


Content sources contain:

  • id - The id is used to request the content source, or used in requests like episodes for source to request a group of episodes. This key is a short lowercase string.
  • name - The name of the content source.
  • gay - A boolean (true/false) that indicates whether the content from this source is “gay”. In the scope of this system, “gay” refers to content that involves one or more men and no women. Lesbian content is categorized as straight for that reason.

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