An episode is one movie, including its Niches, meta data, and videos.

See also: List of Episode Requests



Episodes always come as an array inside the ‘episodes’ key.


An episode contains:

  • id - The id is used to request the episode from any API function that takes an episode as a parameter.
  • name - The name of the episode. For some sources, this is the name of the main actor. For others, it’s more fanciful.
  • date - The episode’s release date, as a Unix timestamp.
  • desc - A description of the episode.
  • votes - The number of votes cast for this episode’s rating.
  • rating - The episode’s rating as a decimal (e.g. “4.25”), on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • sources - An array containing 1 content source entry – each episode has just one source. (The key is still “sources” to match other requests that return source(s).)
  • vidlen - The length of video available, in minutes.
  • thumb - A URL to the episode’s thumbnail image (160px by 120px).
  • hardcore_thumb - A URL to the episode’s hardcore thumbnail image (160px by 120px).
  • stdimgs - An array of URLs to the five standard images.
  • gallery - An array of URLs to sixteen gallery images.
  • niches - An array of niches.
  • trailers - An array of trailer videos (see that article for formats).
  • actors - An array of actors who appear in the episode.
  • joinlinks - An array with “pc” and “mobile” links to join pages. If you are monetizing your API-based site, these links include your webmaster id.

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